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Slices of Time

A Loud Voice in the Morning The sound scared both Fulo and me. Yesterday’s dark clouds still fill my memory, but not my outlook. This morning’s confidence displaced yesterday’s silence before the storm. Can you […]

Dark Clouds

I’m getting the hang of retired life. I’m a natural. Being retired is like being a child again. Eat, sleep, and repeat. The rest are only details. Too much information. Like a roller coaster in […]


Anytime is a good time to eat mangos – especially when someone else peels them! This particular mango tastes a lot like a peach – that’s why we call it mango durazno. We need the […]

In a Beginning …

In a beginning writers were few, singers were scarce, poets were discouraged, artists used paint, photographers shot film, and books were in libraries. Now anyone can be an actor, director, artist, explorer, inventor, evangelist, photographer, […]