Vol. 1 Issue 2 September 2019

To blog, or not to blog? Between you and me, it’s a luxury. My blog is the first to suffer when things get busy. August was busy and my blog and podcast both suffered from my neglect.

I had time to write plenty, but not to read your posts or listen to your podcasts, so I wrote and recorded in my diary instead. I rediscovered the fun, joy, and release of emptying my cares, thoughts, and worries into my diary. I not only wrote, but also recorded my voice, got some help to transcribe it, and captured rolls of images and the thoughts that accompanied them. If you don’t keep a diary, I recommend starting one. Pen and paper work, but I’m a big fan of Day One.

Hugs and Kisses

Last month’s events reminded me people are not obstacles but rather opportunities. When all else disappears, people will still be somewhere, and someplace. Emergency rooms and intensive care units are not much different from airport terminals and VIP lounges. I shared hugs, kisses, and tears with hundreds of people this month. I also discovered hugs and kisses in a bag are an easy way to meet new people. I shared approximated 60 bags, so you can imagine how many people I met. 20 kilograms of chocolate go a long way when shared one kiss and hug at a time!


We spent several days without electricity, light, or running water. Focused on Nurit, and my prayers for her health, I neglected other important things that held a lower priority. I forgot my phone, lost all my credit cards and identification, and disconnected from everything but my God. I bathed from a bucket of water and thanked God for Nurit’s life and her insistence on always keeping a couple 5 gallon buckets full of water – just in case.

When I ran out of energy and short on hope, I shared my diary with God. I read, I wrote, I listened, and I dreamed. The days were too long to do one at a time, so I finally settled into a moment by moment two-way conversation with God. Electricity is nice to have, but I could not survive without my connection to God. My diary holds the record of my communications with the One who has the power to do anything, anywhere, anytime, for anyone. I ask a lot from Him and try to thank Him even if He doesn’t answer how or when I believe He should.

Nurit lost her sight, suffered acute kidney failure, and respiratory arrest. She almost left the hospital without her body. We said goodbye at the end of each visit and agreed to meet on the other side if she had to leave before our next visit.

The New Normal

Nurit’s kidneys are working again, her lungs are breathing unassisted without supplemental oxygen, and she regained sight in one eye. We’re thankful. Our new normal is not what it was a month ago, but is anything in time’s domain ever the same?

After a month without a post to my blog, I confess I don’t miss the vanity metrics of views, visitors, likes, and comments. When the storms pick up again my blog may be the first to suffer, but I’ll keep posting to my diary. According to my diary’s metrics, I’ve made almost 500 entries over the last month.

  • 446 entries
  • 172 media
  • 36 days
  • 45 entries this week
  • 42 places
  • 3 videos
  • 72 photos
  • 97 audio recordings

Only One besides me may have had access to my diary, but He never stopped reading, listening, and watching. I hope He liked it. He made many comments!

Between God, you, and me…

You’re important. Thanks for taking a look at my second newsletter! I wrote it with you in mind. I wish I could give you a chocolate hug and kiss wrapped in aluminum foil! I hope we have forever to catch up after all the views, visits, likes, and comments are long gone.

In the meantime I’m gonna look for ways to love and serve both God and you. These bodies don’t last long. Make the most of every moment. I’ll try to start posting to my blog and recording my podcasts again. They’re a luxury, but I’d like to share with you as I make this journey called life.