I love to eat. Anyone who sees me can guess – I eat too much. I’m working on that. Nurit loves to cook and I love to eat – we’re a match made in heaven!

Her soups and sauces are the best. After almost four decades with this amazing human being, she’s shown me that even the best meal can be made better with a tasty sauce. She has a way of making even unsalted boiled rice taste great.

I like to read, and I love to write, but good comments between readers and writers make them both more appetizing. And like a bad sauce can ruin the finest fillet, a sour comment can destroy even the most delicious post.

I confess, I don’t see eye to eye with everything I read and everyone I follow, but going head to head can ruin the finest exchange between us. I’m working on a list:

A Recipe for Comments (Shopping List)

  • Read other people’s comments before adding mine (I’ve met some amazing people this way)
  • Comments are welcome by some
  • Comments are not welcome by all
  • Sometimes it’s better not to comment even though comments are welcome
  • Offer comments that I would like to receive
  • Tell the truth
  • If I can’t tell the truth with grace, maybe I should be quiet
  • It’s their space; respect their wishes
  • If I can’t respect their wishes, leave their space
  • When all else fails, get some instruction

I love to comment. Anyone who reads this can guess – I comment too much. I’m working on that. But even if you love to write and I love to comment – we may not be a match made in heaven.