Questions and Answers


Why do those who have the least give the most? Big-hearted, openhanded benefactors abound on skid row. Is that why they’re there? Would there be poverty without wealth?
Who’s poor and who’s rich? Really?
Why do those who have the most give the least? Hard-hearted, close-fisted magnates abound on Nob Hill. Is that why they’re there? Would there be wealth without poverty?

Why do good leaders serve so well? Why is their humility mistaken for weakness? Why are they so content? Why don’t we elect good leaders who live to give and serve?
Who makes a good leader? Are you sure?
Why do bad leaders serve so poorly? Why is their arrogance mistaken for power? Why are they never content? Why do we elect bad leaders who live to take and swerve?

Why does this place consider beautiful people ugly? Can a humble vessel contain treasure? What’s left when the clay cracks?
What makes a person beautiful? Who said so?
Why does this place consider ugly people beautiful? Can an exotic container be a vessel for dung? What’s left when the porcelain breaks?

Why do apertures accept the light and reject the dark? Why can I only see light’s reflection? Where’s the summit of its mountain? How many colors does light have?
Do we see in the light and the dark? Do you see?
Why do holes reject the light and accept the dark? Why can I only see dark’s shadows? Where’s the bottom of its pit? Why does black have no color?

Why is the Truth so difficult to believe? Why doesn’t good news sell as well as bad news? Why judge good to be bad and condemn the innocent?
Is anyone innocent? Wanna bet?
Why are lies so easy to believe? Why does bad news sell better than good news? Why judge bad to be good and free the guilty?


Poor ugly servants are not so pleased with their lives that they cannot turn to God. They serve and suffer in darkness but they hope and live in the Light. They confess everything and accuse no one.
Believe it or not. Can you believe?
Beautiful rich thieves are so pleased with their lives that they need no god and won’t turn around. They swerve from the Light and prosper in shadows, but they live in the dark. They deny everything and accuse everyone.