Living Right in a Wrong Place

I discover little things in wrong places and accumulate them. Eventually the little things I collect outweigh the big things I seek. I keep digging. The deeper I dig the more I discover that I’m just dirt at the site of a small construction project among many others.

I have a bad habit of criticizing the construction, deconstruction, and destruction of sites and spaces near mine. There’s always something that I would do differently, better, worse, or not at all. I try to keep my opinions to myself, but when someone crosses the line, I’m sometimes drawn offside.

Parking lots challenge my desire to be right in wrong places and spaces. I pay attention to the lines and intentionally pick a place to park between parallel lines, in the center of a vacant space. In my small mind, the lines are barrier fences between my space and the spaces around me.

My challenge gets more difficult when two cars park diagonally across parallel lines and leave a vacant space between them. Should I conform and park the same way as the offenders on either side, or be transformed and be a square peg in a round hole?

Conforming would be easier, at first. Why not just park parallel to the other vehicles around me, even if I end up crossing the lines diagonally? I would fit in, right?

But, what if I parked like them, did my shopping, and returned to my poorly parked car to discover both cars on either side had departed? I would no longer fit in, but rather stand out!

Transformation is trickier. Parking well between vehicles on either side who park poorly is not easy. Being right in a wrong place is impossible for me unless I trust the One who’s doing my site transformation. Nothing’s impossible for Him. He’s changing the way I think, act, and live.

So instead of trying to fit in, or even worse, trying to make others conform to me, I look for three open spaces to park well in the middle. Sadly, finding three open spaces in a crowded lot is not easy either.

Can you understand how little things in the wrong places overcome the big things I seek above? Being me is not easy. Thank God you’re not like me! My worst nightmare is to run into someone like me on the road.

One day, when time is done, doing the right thing will be easier to do in a righteous place. In the meantime I vow to keep digging and let the One who started His work in me perfect it, even if it takes ’til the end of time.

Is it easy being you? Who’s doing the construction on your site?

I wrote the words above as I chewed this cud: Matthew 7:3, Romans 12:2, and Philippians 1:6