The Light’s Whole or a Dark Hole?

In a beginning I was without form and void.

Darkness covered me. I felt nothing, heard nothing, saw nothing, smelled nothing, tasted nothing, nor thought anything. The feelings, sounds, sights, smells, tastes, and thoughts were hostages held in a black hole.

It sucked. The hole was black beyond color’s spectrum and it sucked. It sucked everyone and everything into the void beyond feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and thinking.

It hurt, the sounds were deafening, the sights were frightening, the smells sickening, the tastes were rotten, and the thoughts echoed between the past and the future.

Then there was Light.

Light IS
brighter than white.
Light IS color and life.
Light IS.
Darkness is
darker than black,
without color or life.
Darkness isn’t.
attracts some and
repels others.
Light IS.
attracts all and
repels none.
Darkness isn’t.
Light reflects,
refracts, and
Darkness rejects,
reacts, and
Light is more.
It chides,
blows, and
Darkness is less.
It hides,
sucks, and
The Light shines,
exposing the dark and
casts no shadow.
Its works seek The Light.
The darkness
fears The light and
hides in the shadows.
Its deeds love the dark.

I saw The Light. The whole of light was bigger than the dark hole. The Light’s whole was bigger than all the dark holes combined in all the dark spaces. I wanted The Light and moved toward the whole.

My shadow followed me. The darkness followed every movement I made and its shadows taunted me. My past cast shadows of guilt and my future projected shadows of doubt.

Then The Light spoke. The Word spoke, the world He created shook, and the dark fled. I felt everything, heard everything, saw it all, smelled freshness, tasted life, and thought beyond the past, and past the future, to now. Eternity touches me now.

Now I know the whole of light is more than all the dark holes combined. The Light is whole and the darkness is not. The darkness cannot contain The Light nor cast its shadows forward or back beyond eternity’s now.

I wanted to stay but came back to time. Time changes everything and everything changes in time. But now I know beyond time’s yesterday and tomorrow, eternity is now, forever. Now I know. Now I remember, even in this dark hole, I now know The Light’s wholeness will soon crush the dark’s hole and hold forever.

I follow The Light Whole and have His Light of life. I have His Word and it’s my lamp in this dark hole in time, until time ends. And then … it’s now, forever.