July 15th

He Was the Same

I started a new leg of my journey on July 15th.
I would never return.
I would never be the same.
Nothing would ever be the same after July 15th.

I was like a rock, I thought.
My abs were like rocks
sculpted by the fresh
waters of life’s river.

Hair covered my head
like the trees cover
the hills that
overlook the ocean.

My back was strong
like an oak.
My limbs were
long and strong.

My heart pounded, and
my mind raced
with the expectation
of fun, travel, and adventure.

My fists were fast,
my feet were fleet, and
both were hard to beat.
Few matches did I meet.

I dreamed of
sailing the seas,
flying the skies, and
exploring the lands.

He IS the Same

Today, five decades
later on July 15th, I look back,
and forward, and up,
and down, and all around.

I’m not a rock. Now I know.
Life’s river bloated my belly,
liquefied my abs, and
buried the rocks.

My head is naked
like a snow covered summit
of a mountain
beyond the tree-line.

My back is bent
like like a weeping willow.
My limbs droop and swoop
close to the earth and below.

My heart ticks, and
my mind talks
with the expectation
of a new heaven, earth, and body.

My fists are slow,
my feet are slower, and
neither challenge anyone, but
draw the stares of everyone.

I dream of
sailing seas of crystal,
flying cloudless skies, and
walking streets of gold.

Today I start a new leg of my journey on July 15th.
I shall never return.
I shall never be the same.
Nothing shall ever be the same after today, July 15th.

He IS the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever

Millennia have passed.
The seas are no more,
the skies no longer separate, and
the land is no longer dry.

Yesterday’s gone,
today won’t last, and
tomorrow will never come, but
now we are beyond time.

I now see
my invisible Friend.
Faith became sight
for all to see.

I remember my dreams,
limited by time, space, and matter.
This is much better than
I could’ve ever imagined.

Today we start a new leg of our journey.
We shall always be together.
We shall always be One.
Like Him there is no one.