Every Day

Going to market every day is something I’ve learned to love. At first, it went against my grain. After all, aren’t a full pantry, a stocked freezer, and a big frig part of the good life? Gotta be prepared, right?

Maybe, but not for me – not anymore. Going to market, seeing the faces, speaking with the characters, and shopping for freshness have replaced our big frig, stocked freezer, and full pantry.

During a recent trip to the pharmacy to buy medications, I worried if I would have enough to buy a month’s supply. As I waited my turn, an older-than-me person counted her coins on the glass counter to buy one pill for the day. She didn’t appear worried, wasn’t in a hurry, and probably bought one pill every day.

I felt like a coward standing beside the not long for this world woman! How could I worry about a month in advance while she just took care of today?

Why is my memory so short when it comes to the good things and so long when it comes to the bad things? Wasn’t it just a couple days ago a saint delivered breakfast to our front door?

What if I just prayed give us this day our daily bread every day instead of worrying so far in advance? Every day is enough.