Connected or Tangled?

Now is the time in the life of my blog I get the urge to change it, end it, start another, or change my content management provider. It wouldn’t be the first time I started over. Starting over is what I usually do when I get tangled up.

I started this blog in May and threw in a couple leftovers from another blog dating back to February. That’s ancient history already! I use my blog for images, videos, audio, and links to other media in addition to pressing my words. For me, compressing posts back into words only is like trying to build a ship in a bottle. My secret internet hero even gave it a try and came up short. Connections become complicated and even tangled. It’s easy to understand how people get in over their heads.

Instead of starting over this time, I’m taking some time to think about why I blog, or do anything. It’s not for the money, the advertising, or the likes! It’s about priorities.

Getting my priorities mixed up tangles me up every time!

How about you? Are you connected or tangled? Why do you do this? Why do you do anything?