It’s Not About My Pride …

Rain dominates rainy season here and migrates to another part of the planet during our dry season. We want rain during the dry season and rainless days during the rainy season.

We want what we want,
where we want it,
when we want it,
and how we want it!
We want.
Are we never satisfied?

Weather and water cross borders without permission or warning and frustrate our desire to control the skies and the heavens above us. Isn’t water like money? Both money and water are abundant on this planet, but both are distributed unevenly. Some have too much and many have too little. Only a few have just enough. Satisfaction is satisfying!

These thoughts, and others, crossed my mind as I straddled the saddle and mounted my ride. We needed supplies. Thunder, lightning, wind, and rain resonated, flashed, blew, and poured most of the week. Riding motorcycles is a wet activity on slippery surfaces this time of year.

But then a splinter of light punched through the dark. I didn’t hesitate. I couldn’t wait to straddle the saddle and mount my ride to make a trip to the market.

Little Thumper is only a fraction of previous mounts while I am thrice the size I was when I rode bikes ten times the size of this one. The fractions and ratios are inverted, but we get along. Yesterday we rode between rain drops and made three trips to town. I thank God for Little Thumper. After all, it’s not about my pride. It’s about the ride.