Wednesday’s Following

Between You, Him, and Me …

How is your week going? It just started a couple days ago, and we still have a couple more to go, but I hope yours is going well. If I’m not careful, circumstances rob my joy and break my peace. How about you?

The One I follow says:

Peace I leave with you;
my peace I give to you.
Not as the world gives
do I give to you.
Let not your hearts be troubled,
neither let them be afraid.


I follow Jesus. Although He has many followers, not many follow Him closely enough. We fall behind, fall aside, fall down, fall out, and fall away so far that the distance between us and the One we follow becomes too great. We end up following the crowd and get lost in this place’s crowded spaces and become troubled and afraid.

How far is it between:

  • hearing – listening?
  • having – wanting?
  • wanting – needing?
  • needing – having?
  • knowing – believing?
  • hoping – seeing?
  • knowing – doing?
  • war – peace?
  • love – hate?

In this place’s crowded spaces many fight to lead and they lead to gain. I want to focus on following and follow to serve according to the priorities I claim to be mine. It’s a tall order, but I trust the One I follow. Do you?

As I write these words, I speak them out loud and listen to them resonate. Reading, writing, and speaking complement and reinforce one another. If you would like to listen to me think out loud about last week, you can do it here.

Nine minutes of thinking out loud from the last week …

I enjoy reading your posts. I would like to hear your voice. Have you considered casting your spoken words out there for all to hear?

Audio books, and movies about books, provide new dimensions to written words. Not all authors want to record their own audio books or make their own movies, but wouldn’t you like to see and hear the words from the author without intermediaries, advertisements, or distractions?

Whether I press my words, cast my words, or combine them both to make still and moving images into videos, I aim to please the One I follow. My week may not have started well, I may be struggling on Wednesday, but the weekend is almost here. Isn’t finishing well more important than starting well?