Sights and Sounds Surround Me, Even When Words Elude Me

It’s a new day. I have plans. They seldom happen the way I plan them, but I make them anyway. For me it’s like setting my ship in order before I leave port. Crosswinds, headwinds, tailwinds, or no winds, I’m preparing my ship to catch the winds of another day’s adventure. My course is set.

Setting a course is like making a plan to go somewhere. Mine is not the only ship on this adventure, so I need to be alert. Small deviations in course cause big changes in destination. If I set a course to nowhere, I’ll be sure to get nowhere.

Now, before leaving port this morning, I’m drinking a hot, dark liquid. I brewed it strong today and the brew’s aroma filled my nostrils. Now, its familiar taste crosses my tongue and accelerates my senses. My need for speed sometimes gets me into trouble.

This week is ending and another is beginning. Before I start the next week, I want to remember sights and sounds from last week. Even if the words elude me, the sights and sounds always surround me, even if I can’t see them or hear them.


We all have beautiful opportunities to get to know extraordinary people, but it’s great when we get to share our lives with them! This 70 year-young Panamanian woman’s colorful life has roots in Europe and Panama’s Ngäbe indigenous people. She and her husband just checked out of the hospital. Do you think she’s happy to be alive? She has stories to tell. She shared a couple with us!
Do you ever wonder where old school buses go when they retire? Look no further! Panama is home to retired school buses and dump trucks from the north. One country’s trash is another country’s treasure. These aging giants, or diablos, tell colorful stories and sometimes a colorful person’s story. This diablo rojo‘s rear is painted with a living president’s caricature and says “Those who hate me will remember me!”
Hospitals are to the spirits what airports are to the body. Souls arrive and depart at all hours of the day and night. Some make the trip, some provide transportation, some drop off, some pick up, and others provide services. *Hospital Santa Fe* is in Panama’s capital. It’s a busy place this time of year. What a story this building could tell, if buildings could tell stories! Listen to twenty seconds of the sounds people make in the emergency room of this hospital below …


If emergency rooms could tell a story, this might be one of their sound tracks.
A woman calls to the living and the dead as she approaches the crossing.
Birds and roosters sing their sunrise song!

Here we go. I’m thankful for one more day. I plan to live it as if it were my last. I’m glad our paths crossed on today’s adventure. I pray God shows us His plan and his course for this day. He always does. I’m stubborn sometimes and fool myself into believing I can steer my own ship. Pray for me to accept His corrections to my course.

How can I pray for you?