Today I reviewed my priorities. Again. When things start to go wrong, my priorities are the first thing I need to check.

I learned young. I learned wrong. I didn’t know.

  1. GOD – I tried taking his place. I even tried putting other people and things in His place. It didn’t work. It’s His place. He’s #1.
  2. YOU – I tried putting God in second place. It didn’t work. I tried taking second place. That didn’t work either. So there’s just you and everyone else who belong in second place. It’s your place in my space, but be careful not to take second place for yourself. It’s not second in your space.
  3. me – third place is my place! It’s not yours and it’s not His, so last place is mine. I like it here. It suits me. Give it a try.

I learned old. I learned well. Now I know.