You Are Extraordinary!

It’a a beautiful opportunity for me to get to know extraordinary people like you. It’s great when we get to share our lives. Thanks for sharing your life with me through your posts, prose, thoughts, fears, hopes, and time. You are extraordinary!

Your written words have made me think. I can only imagine the sound of your voice! Will you give it some thought, please? It’s easy, really. The hard part is reading aloud that which we have written in silence.

This is seven minutes of my thoughts from last week. There’s nothing new here – just me, reading what I’ve written during my life in this wilderness during the last few days.

Family Matters

Reading my own words aloud makes me feel vulnerable. They don’t always say what I want them to say, and they seldom sound the way I want them to sound, but they always make me think!

You are extraordinary! Aren’t we all? Think about it.