Sons and Daughters of God

Hospitals are an easy place to have hard spiritual conversations. The emergency room, morgue, cafeteria, maternity ward, and the waiting room outside the intensive care unit are among my favorite places to visit. The chapel is an interesting place, too.

When does life begin?
When does life end?
Why does life suck for some
and sparkle for others?
What’s before life and
what’s after death.

A priest visited my wife in the hospital this morning. He recited a prayer at her bedside and asked if she was religious.

Apparently her response was not enough for the priest to categorize her religious beliefs. He assured her that we are all sons and daughters of God.

My wife, bless her soul, begged to differ. She explained to the priest that we become sons and daughters of God by faith in the Son of God. While we’re all creatures of His creation, not all of us are sons and daughters of God. We believe there is no room for doubt.

The priest left.