There’s light. It’s good.
There’s space. It’s good.
There’s land, plants, seeds, and lights in space.
Life swims and the waters swarm.
Life flies in the skies to perform.
He made them good.
The earth
brings forth life,
walking and creeping on
the ground all around.
He made them good.

Goodness not done,
they made us one
like them to
rule this space in a place
beneath the space,
over life in the skies,
over life in the waters, and
over life on the earth.

Darkness fills the
formless void of our pit.

Who could know?
What would flow?
Where should we go?
When shall we overflow?
Why don’t we grow?
How’s our glow?

He breathes life. Shall we not live?
He leads. Shall we not follow?
He speaks truth. Shall we not heed?
No fear, He IS here,
and fear, for He IS here.
Do we not hear?