Do I really feed rats? Doesn’t it depend on one’s perspective? They want to believe I feed them but you and I know I bait them. I know how the rat feels.

When I looked at my news feed, my social media feeds, and timelines I thought I was feeding. I finally discovered I was being baited. How do you think I felt? Thanks for asking …

I felt indignant, deceived, and disappointed. I thought I was feeding, when in fact I was taking the bait. Sure, I got some information in return, but everyone else made money derived from my appetite for information. What if I stopped taking the bait? Well, maybe just one more bite?

Snap! The trap’s door snapped shut and I looked for a way out.

I didn’t have to look far – there are many who want to sell their ideas, plans, and schemes to learn how to produce, distribute, and do business with bait disguised as food.