Neither Buying Nor Selling

Falling into a pit is easy. Getting out of a pit isn’t as easy as falling into one. Social media became a pit for me.

Once upon a time I liked them, then they changed. I changed, too. We all changed and no longer agreed what we were there for. I liked the sounds, images, and words. They liked advertisements. The pit grew deeper and darker and the advertisements overcame the sounds, images, and words I liked.

We changed our relationships and parted ways. I sought an amicable separation but the split was shattering. I felt betrayed by social media’s infidelity and promiscuity. What did I expect?

We tried to reconcile our differences but when we started pruning the tree there was little left.

Yesterday I watched a crane tip over as it hoisted a large billboard over a busy roadway. The mess affected traffic for the rest of the day while more cranes came to assist their fallen comrade. The spectacle made me think about the cost of advertising for the buyer, the seller, and the poor souls caught on the roadway when it all goes wrong.

For now, Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp may survive the purge – not because they’re better than the rest but rather for their value as instruments to communicate with those stuck in the traffic.

I’m neither buying nor selling. This is just a BLOG. I opted to pay a little extra so we don’t have to see other people’s advertisements.

End of communique. Stand by for additional news flashes.