The Weaker Sex

I’ll let you decide what I already know after years of marriage. Here’s some evidence:

  • bats in the house – she shows them out
  • snakes in the kitchen – she handles ‘em
  • weasels in the mango tree – she takes care of them
  • spiders on the wall – she does them
  • birds on the ground – she picks ‘em up

My list could go could on and on. She is not the weaker sex. She uses more brain than brawn and her solutions don’t always result in another’s death. I admire her strength. She inspires me. So, I decided to follow her example when mice and rats invaded the storage room.

Parasites, pests, and plagues abound. When I found their droppings near a sack of feed in the storage room I knew rodents had found the feed. I wanted to tell her. I knew she could make them go away. But I decided to try. What was I thinking?

  • Round 1 – Rodent 99 to 1. I set a non-lethal trap with cheese in a box lined with a sticky surface. The rodent took the bait and the trap! Maybe I underestimated his size and strength?
  • Round 2 – Rodent 75 to 1. I used video surveillance after placing two large sheets of sticky paper at a hot spot. It almost worked but when I went for the knockout the rat escaped.
  • Round 3 – Rodent 87 to 1. I Googled a trap for some advice and YouTubed it for instructions. The rat inspected the trap and didn’t like it. I substituted sugar cane syrup for peanut butter – was that my mistake?
My Rat Doesn’t Like His Trap

Round 4 is ongoing. I wonder if my rat is a she? I may need to call on my wife to help, but I still have a couple rounds to go.