Parasites, Pests, and Plagues

There are those who live among us who depend on us for their existence and support without making a useful or adequate contribution. They live in us, off us, with us, and around us to suck our life’s blood. We host them. We feed them. As individuals they consume little, but large infestations drain the life from the strongest of hosts. We are their food.

They are a nuisance and annoy us with their destructiveness. They spread disease and death as they suck our blood and inject their toxic venom into our bodies. They steal, kill, and destroy. They know no borders and recognize no walls. They are a plague. They are legion.

I spent the last few days fighting the dark forces of parasites, pests, and plagues. Tropical paradises attract many, though only some are welcome. I try to get along with everyone and everything, but our coexistence becomes difficult when one of us threatens the life of the other. Is this not war?

They come in hordes. They have many shapes, sizes, and colors. They are the enemy’s instruments of war against us. They are everywhere. This is war, and the battles are intensifying.

Parasites, pests, and plagues communicate across the light, radio, and sound spectra. Detection and intercept are easy but their meaning is indecipherable. Who speaks tick? Who knows rat? Who understands mosquito? I don’t need to understand their language to know their intentions.

I hear their buzzing, see their droppings, feel their bites, and smell their waste. I avoid touching them but they pursue me during all hours of the day and night. I wonder if they could live without me? I want to believe I could live without them.

What would paradise be without parasites, pests, and plagues? I look forward to heaven on earth when our wars will stop and where our desires are One.