I’m Not Your Enemy

Whether you
mash your potatoes,
dip your hummus,
bend your tortillas,
or fry your rice,
see you ‘round!

The air and naval forces promised three squares and a bunk, but in all my time in the ground forces I never ate one square, and I got a bag instead of a bunk. Unable to provide squares, they promised me pyramids of food stored in tin cans, foil wrappers, and plastic bags – I didn’t bite. Did they really think they could talk me into swallowing a three-dimensional triangle?

I grew up eating meat and potatoes,
I grew wild eating chickpeas in tahini, and
I grew old eating beans and rice.
At first I shredded stacks of biscuits.
Later I ripped through towers of pita.
Now I soak tortillas into submission.

Forks are good, spoons are better, chopsticks are the best, and who knows about the rest? When it’s light here, it’s dark there. When it’s dry there, it’s wet here. When it’s hot here, it’s cold there. They’re not like us. We’re not like them. They don’t like us. They’re not like us.

Round, circular, or tubular,
‘round these earthly parts,
we eat round, right?

Air, land, and sea forces are preparing for war in, on, around, beneath, and beyond our round planet. Some eat potatoes, some eat cassava, and others eat rice. They dip their biscuits in gravy, we dip our pita in hummus, and others have none.

‘Round the earth
there be two ways
from here to there,
between us and them.
There’s the short path, and
there’s the long path, but
the only path is through His Son.

I ask Him to guide leaders, strengthen warriors, and protect people. Air, land, and sea forces are no match for the forces that pull the strings behind the curtain beyond the sky we see. I ask His forgiveness for stealing from my neighbor, killing my brother, and destroying their family to protect my nation’s interests.

Your nation’s interests, and
my nation’s interests
are not the same nor interesting.
His interests are forever.
We can believe together.
He’s not like either of us.
Wanna be like Him?

We steal from our neighbors, kill our brothers, and destroy our families as we carry out orders to protect our national interests. Let’s not forget His Kingdom. I hope to meet you there. You are not my enemy and I am not yours.