Groaning, Waiting, Seeing, and Believing

I groan. You groan. We all groan. But, aren’t the painful pangs of birth followed by the miracle of birth? If you can believe, whatever we suffer for now is nothing compared to the glory my Friend will reveal to us later. All creation waits eagerly for the day God reveals who His children are.

The earth, its creatures, and my Friend’s creation have been hijacked, kidnapped, and subjected to death, decay, and futility. I groan, you groan, and all creation groans with us. Even if you believe you can still groan – just don’t complain. Don’t panic. I have my Friend’s Holy Spirit within me as a foretaste of future glory. I wait for my body to be released from sin and suffering and death that come with it. I look forward to the new body He promised. I hope for it because I don’t have it yet, and it hurts. Waiting patiently takes practice. I need more practice. Is that why He leaves me here for now?

Lies, wars, threats of war, famines, and earthquakes are only the first of the birth pains. There are more to come! I know forever life will follow the painful pangs of birth. He promised.

Our toxic disobedience against the earth, its creatures, its creation, and our Creator have reached new levels of toxicity. Everything we think or imagine is predictably and totally evil. He will intervene again. Soon. There’s only One Way to find favor with Him through His Son, Jesus, God Saves, The Messiah, The Chosen One, my Lord. He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

I’m not Noah and I’m not building a boat, but I know The One who made them both. I trust Him. I hope in Him. I wait for Him. We predict the weather. We predict the seasons. We even predict hurricanes. There signs give them away. Can you see the signs my Friend is showing us?

Today is earth day. Let’s don’t worship it, okay? How about we worship The One who made the earth, the heavens, and the universe?

Seeing & Believing

They shouldn’t be so closely linked – seeing the clouds and believing beyond them can replace the clouds’ dark doubts and the rain’s cold fear. If you can believe in my Friend, all things are possible. We’ll see. Soon enough.