Earth Day on The Isthmus

Earth Day 2019

The first rains fill the cracks, extinguish the fires, dampen the smoke, and take our garbage out to sea for all to see. Rainy season will be different this year. The water’s the same but we have changed. Summer lasted forever.

Summer can’t last forever. It was hot, dry, and full of life waiting for the first rains. They came for us before dawn on Easter morning and they came again at about the same time this morning. Summer is over and the rains are here. This is the changing of the guard. Rainy season will relieve the dry season.

The ground around our house breathes, drinks, heaves, sighs, moans, and sometimes quakes. The dry season dried, cracked, and shrunk the earth beneath the foundation. The cracks in the ground extended upward through the house’s foundation, floors, and walls. The roof creaked and shrieked. Our new tin roof is not as flexible and forgiving as the old thatch roof.

The isthmus of 🇵🇦 is a dwarf that separates four giants. Two oceans and two continents press against it on all sides. The summers are hotter and the rainy seasons are drier than they used to be. Nothing is the way it used to be. The earth is hotter and drier. Green becomes brown in December, and brown becomes black in March. Fire, smoke, and garbage clog the air, block the rivers, and flood the oceans on both sides of our small strip of ever-changing land among the giants. We are more than we ever have been and the earth is less than it’s ever been. We advance and she retreats. We’re both losing the battle.

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Earth Day 2019

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