Rejection and Denial

Today is Good Friday. We call it Viernes Santo here in Panama. It’s a good day to be alive, isn’t any day better to be alive than not alive? I’m thankful to be alive, even if it hurts. The day it doesn’t hurt I won’t be here – at least not here in this form.

Not only is it Good Friday, we’re getting ready to vote in a couple weeks. We get to vote for our new president and leaders for the next five years. There are many candidates to choose from – some better than others, but deciding isn’t easy, is it? Deception is part of the game. Politics, promises, intentions, and deceptions tangle entire countries.

That’s okay. In spite of our poorly informed, self-serving, and reckless votes my Friend gets it done. He works it out. He alway has, always does, and always will. I like that about Him.

On a Friday like this one a couple thousand years ago we killed Him. We had a choice that Friday morning. The governor let us choose between Him and another. My Friend was clearly innocent and the other was definitely guilty – the people’e choice: the other one – the guilty one. We wanted to crucify My Friend. We did. The people’s choice is rarely the right choice, but My Friend got it done in spite of us and without our help. He doesn’t need our help!

He lives, lived, died, and lives. Forever. He always has been, always IS, and shall always BE. Think about it. We rejected Him and denied Him, and even so He allowed Himself to be crucified. Imagine that.

Only days prior, we celebrated Him. He was popular until He wasn’t. We changed. As followers we change loyalties almost as often as we change our socks. Yesterday we liked one, today another, and tomorrow yet another. Popularity doesn’t last long.

Now, Friday, the 19th day of April, 2019 following Jesus is not popular. Many say they follow Him. Nominal Christians are all over the place. Others watch His followers and decide following Him isn’t any better than not following Him. Sad.

I’m not there yet, but I’m on The Way. The path, the Way along the path, and my journey aren’t what I thought they’d be, but I’m on The Way. It’s always interesting to note that others on The Way, the spectators, the nay-sayers, and even our own fears become our biggest critics. The One who opened The Way is compassionate, kind, patient, and waiting for us to make a decision to follow His steps and make the trip with Him.

Following Jesus, closely, intimately, obediently, may cost our popularity and even our lives. Friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and even the crowds may reject us. That’s okay – they rejected Him, too, and look where He IS now! Soon we’ll all see Him coming back the same way He left – by way of cloud.