Reckless Enthusiasm

I laugh at my own jokes. Funny or not, I laugh. Add that to one of my bad habits … I’m not done yet – not there, not finished yet. We have a way to go before we get there.

With so many ways to share, my enthusiasm quickly turns to despair when I realize there are too many – I’ll never get to try them all and will never master any at all. That’s okay – why master the medium?

How does mastering the media help me do what I’m supposed to do beyond simply being good at them?

Sharing enthusiasm is tricky business. My rambunctious posts are not the best recipe for public relations. Why should my posts be any different than I am? I’m not for everyone, but The One I serve IS! I share my life, my hopes, my passions, and my shortcomings. I hope The One I serve can use my use of the media, even social media, to help someone along the way on their journey through this place. It doesn’t end here, does it?

Not everyone shares my enthusiasm. Not everyone shares my interests. Not everyone shares my point of view. I get it, because I don’t. So, what’s the point? Why post anything? What makes the cut from diary to BLOG? Are some things better left unposted? Maybe. Too much information can be too much information.

I remember when they first opened up the freeway here in West Panama. It was fast and smooth! But exceeding speed limits affects everyone. What was I thinking? Now the freeway here is full of potholes, angry drivers and passengers, and people who wish they could go fast. The freeway and the Internet have a lot in common – we may need to use them, but how we use them makes a difference in our own lives and the lives of those around us.

Sharing with you, here, is unique. I share things with you I may never share with anyone else. Lucky you? Silly me? Well, here we are – I hope to read your posts, watch your videos, listen to your podcasts, and learn your point of view. I hope I don’t offend you. I’ll try not to rub you the wrong way. But if it’s between getting on your wrong side or His wrong side, who do you think I’ll choose to please?