My mother insisted I become friends with Jesus before she died. I was not much more than a baby, but I understood her words. Sure, why not? Any friend of my mom is a friend of mine, right? She died.

She died and left me alone with her friend. My family did what most families do when they lose their anchor – we drifted apart from one another and from my mom’s best Friend.

I never denied Him – not like Peter did! But I remember when I hear the rooster’s warning. Thank God for roosters! Thank God it’s Friday – thank God it’s Good Friday. God is good. I’m not. But I’m on His Way.

Before I become too critical of Peter and his famous trio of denials – I need to take a look at the mirror. I have never denied Him the way Peter did! Okay, not the way Peter did, but don’t I deny Him when I refuse to love and obey the way He did on this Friday a couple thousand years ago? Do I follow Him or deny Him my time, money, and material? Ouch … that hurt! Sorry. I’m not there yet, but I’m on His Way.