Same Time, Same Place …

Orbiting a Moving Star

The morning sun comes through my window when it finally drags itself out of the ocean, drips across the coast, and slinks over the mountain. I see it coming and I feel its heat before I see its rays. It happens at about the same time and same place every day, so why did it shine through my window today at an angle that almost blinded me? I’m in the same place, and it’s about the same time, so what changed?

I moved my rocking chair a couple degrees to the right of its usual spot. It was still close enough to my window to see the glow, feel the flow, and warm my bones, but saved my eyes from the direct rays of the sun.

I checked. The sun’s at 83° at 07:54 this morning. It was at 118° the same time on the first day of the year. Am I just now discovering what I skipped over from astronomy class, way back when? Am I so slow to pick up on what ancient cultures knew long before I arrived? How could I believe I could be in the same place at the same time when every thing and time changes so quickly? Silly me.

What if I hadn’t skipped school that day during astronomy? What if I’d met the love of my life that day during class? What if we’d fallen in love, married, reproduced, lived, and died in a place that’s far from where I am now? What if I rocked my chair next to a window where the sun’s angle to reach we was only 70° instead of 83°? A lot can happen between 70 and 83! 13° is another dimension, in another time, in another place!

Being Still Without Slowing Down

How could I be so … 😳?

I get it. When I agree to meet someone at the same place, and the same time, maybe I shouldn’t get all worked up about the details. A landmark might help. How about if we meet at the market on Main Street at noon? Okay? But can we agree it would be impossible to meet at the same time in the same place more than once in our lifetime?

The sun’s moved about two degrees in the time it took me to write two paragraphs! It’s shadow on the flow next to my rocking chair is shorter, too! What if I’d tried to stay in the same place and time? What if I’d not skipped that day my teacher taught the rest astronomy? What if I hadn’t met my wife, married her, and traveled? What if?

Tough questions require thoughtful research. I could google it, but even Wikipedia may not give me the right answer. That rocks my chair!

It’s later than I thought. The sun’s moved again – it’s not still, but my best Friend is still. He never changes with the seasons, times of day, or location. Having Him for my Friend gives me perspective. His perspective is beyond me, but I try to adjust mine to His to better understand and withstand the things I know and the things I don’t yet know.

I can’t slow down. This place won’t allow it. But I can be still and know that he is God!

Silly Human

I outdid myself during carnival and I was really sorry on Ash Wednesday and I spent almost 40 days being really good. I live in one of the most religious countries in the world. We have lots of churches. Even when they burn down we build them back up. Lord knows we even have seven coins to commemorate our participation in a day to go down in history.

I am a silly human! My best friend wants me to be still and know He is God. Pretty soon, every nation on earth will know it1! He can stop the sun and the moon whenever He wants2. He can even calm the storm3! What a silly human I am.

My Friend

IS all powerful. He is almighty. His power has absolutely no limits. He has all the power He needs to do anything He wants to do. For Him, nothing is impossible, or even difficult.

He’s always in control of everything. He’s the King of kings and the Lord of lords, so nothing ever happens that He does not either decree or allow. Nothing ever happens without Him either ordering it to happen or permitting it to happen.

He’s everywhere in all His fullness. He fills the entire universe. For Him, there is no such thing as distance. Everything is close. He is always everywhere, and nothing is ever far from Him or out of His reach. He is above me, beneath me, before me, behind me, around me, in me, and with me.

He knows everything about everything. He always has and He always will. There is absolutely nothing that ever has been known or that could ever be known that God doesn’t already know perfectly well.

He is very concerned about the well-being of His creation. He is especially concerned about us human beings, since we are His primary masterpiece. He always does what is best for us, no matter how much it costs Him or how much it hurts Him.

Mercy and grace are like two sides of a coin. His mercy means that He does not give us the bad that we do deserve, and His grace means that He does give us the good that we do not deserve.

He’s completely fair. He is not in any way biased. He never shows any favoritism. He is always right and He always does what is right.

He is completely pure and completely separated from any kind of evil. He is totally faultless and totally unspotted by sin. He never does anything wrong. He never even makes a mistake. He is absolutely perfect.

The evening sun is slipping back behind the mountain, over another shore, into the other ocean. I like that about Panama.

Everything changed except Him! I’m happy He’s my Friend.

  1. Psalm 46:10
  2. Joshua 10:13
  3. Matthew 8:26