Slices of Time

A Loud Voice in the Morning

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The sound scared both Fulo and me. Yesterday’s dark clouds still fill my memory, but not my outlook. This morning’s confidence displaced yesterday’s silence before the storm. Can you hear it in this man’s voice? He and his old truck move through the neighborhood buying, selling, yelling, giving, taking, and announcing his presence.

Chasing Boho Away

Today the sun woke up stronger and brighter than yesterday. The darkness had no choice but to find a dark corner in the space around. Did the light just tell you to stand in the corner of a round space? Figure that one out Bohu! I hope those in the shadows know the light still chases you away. One day not even your shadows will remain. The darkness can’t turn off the light and a sphere doesn’t have any corners!

Silly Humans

While half stumble and fumble in the dark the rest rush and push in the light. We, the people, forget the dark’s cold when we bask in the warm glow, and we, the people forget the comfort of the warm glow when the cold darkness surrounds us. Silly humans. Who are we that He should think of us?

Slices of Time

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow slice time into bitesize chunks for us to manipulate, imagine, and plan. We regret yesterday, fight today, and fear tomorrow. Who gave us the right to slice time? I thank the One who beyond time, through time, and over time patiently lights the way and lightens my load as I try to stuff my head with the details. How could I?

Ant Brains

What chance does an ant have of downloading all the music and all the videos from the internet into its small brain? Infinity doesn’t fit in a finite container. I can’t imagine – but I believe.

How Many?

Is that a cloud on the horizon? Is that a storm I see? Didn’t we just get through one? How many clouds, how many storms, how many nights remain before the light turns off the dark? How many sunrises do I have left? How many sunsets remain?

Who Can Stand in The Light?

I couldn’t wait for the first time. Now, I wonder when will be the last time. In the meantime, I take a step closer to the light. It’s rays penetrate me. It’s heat warms me beyond what I can stand. Who can stand in the light?

First & Last Times

My first steps were wobbly and my last steps aren’t any better. Did I think this would last forever? I couldn’t wait to see, but once I saw I couldn’t erase what I’d seen! I listened so closely that the sounds deafened me. I waited for the day when I could leave and I spent the rest of my days trying to get back. I can’t remember the first time and I can’t imagine the last time! Silly human! Who am I that He should think of me?


Beyond time, beyond imagination, and beyond my understanding He Is. Who am I? He Is beyond me, around me, beneath me, above me, beside me, inside me, behind me, ahead of me, and He Is beyond me. Nice to know – better to practice what I know.


Are those dark clouds I see in the sky above the trees? How can these eyes see Him through the clouds, the darkness, and the trees? Give me sight – let me see, not with these eyes but with your eyes, if only for a moment. I’ll try not to forget. Even a glimpse of eternity will last forever! I want to see, but even now, I believe.