I feel angry, frustrated, sick, and tired!

Got it. Why do you feel these emotions?

I’m not sure why I’m angry. Maybe it’s more fear than anger. I’m afraid I’m losing control. I’m frustrated because people steal and kill and destroy. To top it off, I’m tired and don’t feel well. I’m tired of dealing with my emotions.

You’ve come to the right place.

Thanks. I know you’ll help me.

Of course. What took you so long?

Sorry. I thought I could handle it . I can’t. I need your help.

Don’t forget! Anger makes you do dumb things. You’ll do well to put the brakes on anger. It doesn’t make things right.

But no one does what I want them to or what I believe they should do!

No wonder you’re frustrated! No one, not even one, does good. Everyone’s missed the mark and come up short.

Well, if they don’t mind disobeying you I shouldn’t be surprised when they ignore me. I still feel sick and tired!

Cheer up! Even if it looks like things are falling apart on the outside, I’m making everything new on the inside.

But I can’t see it.

Don’t look to the things you can see – they won’t last long. The things you can’t see will last forever. Believe me. Have faith.

I do believe – help get over my unbelief. Everyone thinks I’m crazy.

Be steady. Don’t flinch. You work for me, and nothing you do for me is a waste of time or effort. You smell like death to some and to others you smell like life.

How about the fatigue? I’m tired!

Maybe you’re waiting on the wrong people, things, or circumstances? Younger people than you get tired and fall behind exhausted, but waiting for me makes you stronger. Run, walk, and fly while you wait for me.

I got it. I understand.

Do you? Do as I say. Obey me. Knowing what I say and doing as I say are not the same.


I know. I know everything. Trust me. I forgive you and make you clean and pure when you confess.

I feel better. You turned the tide on my angry frustration and fear. I still worry.

Don’t worry about anything but tell me about everything and I’ll fill you with my peace.