In a Beginning …

In a Beginning

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In a beginning writers were few, singers were scarce, poets were discouraged, artists used paint, photographers shot film, and books were in libraries. Now anyone can be an actor, director, artist, explorer, inventor, evangelist, photographer, poet, singer, warrior, or even blogger. The end is near!

Reading, Writing, & Arithmetic

Reading, writing, and arithmetic are not the same as they were in a beginning. Instead of reading, someone or something reads to me. Instead of writing, I just press record to draft my words for transcription. Instead of adding, subtracting, or multiplying I let photomath find a solution. Ulysses is more than a legend and Bear does it beautifully. Finding a publisher is easy – even for an android.


Lighting is tricky but quick shots are easy to edit, loop, and create videos. Portraits have moved beyond the studios and swish has moved beyond basketball.

An End is Near

There are many stories to tell and many ways to tell them. Tell your story, but know His Story. Beginnings are optional but endings are mandatory. Ending well is more important than beginning well! An end is near. Are you ready?

I’d like know your story. Maybe I can help you tell your story? Someone shared HIS STORY with me, and I can’t stop sharing it!